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I am Richa Sandhu, a yoga teacher from India. My Salutation to all  my teachers.

Yoga Bliss

YOGA BLISS was  founded in year, 2018. Yoga means dance of mind and bliss means reach a state of true happiness.  Though it’s a startup but with good quality of work. The purpose of YOGA BLISS is to spread happiness and peace through yoga knowledge.

I have completed my teacher training from Mahi yoga centre, India.  Yoga has improved me magically.

Yoga bliss gives an assurance and commitment to provide the best service to it’s clients. I  teach a different style of Yoga. For better results on body I use physical aids like straps, bolsters, chairs, dumbbells and blocks . These physical aids may help clients to focus more on postures practice for better results.Yoga gives high energy to start your day.

I believe in different ways  of meditation. Meditation is the best way to release all negative energies out of your body and mind. It maintains a deep silence inside you.  Meditation helps you to feel light like leaf. I am doing meditation regularly and it’s the best way to free your mind from worries. Meditation is an exercise for your mind.


Present Work Engagements

Bannatyne Health Club, Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes

Currently Taking Yoga Classes (60 minute sessions once a week)


Anytime Fitness, Shenley Church End, Milton Keynes

Currently Taking Yoga Classes (60 minute sessions twice a week)


Holistic Cooking Classes, Two Mile Ash, Milton Keynes

Currently Taking Vegetarian Holistic Cooking Classes (60 minute sessions)


My first  workshop was in India gate on date 8th April, 2018. The people who had attended this morning workshop felt  positive vibrations within. I taught them hatha yoga and its benefits and I wrapped up my session with relaxation. This was followed by a nutritious diet. I have experienced that yoga not only gives energy to the body but also works on the mind and enhances intellectual levels. Yoga is a union of body  with soul and soul with entire universe.

I’ve also learnt from SIVANANDA Nataraja yoga centre in Kailash colony, Delhi. I have completed intense advance open classes  in a group of 30 students which was again for health as well as for relaxation. Sivananda yoga  style is a beautiful and silent form of yoga where we can understand the depth of each posture and meditate on chosen postures.

The second  workshop involved a vegetarian Diet meal on the 14th April, 2018 with Sivananda Nataraja yoga centre.  I shared two of my recipes of detox drinks and two  fresh salads for the summer and winter. People enjoyed this cooking workshop and they got  new information about healthy eating habits. I believe in a disciplined lifestyle. My vegetarian food habits and techniques of cooking are inspired from Patanjali Yogpeeth, Roorkee, Uttarakhand. This place is owned by Baba Ramdev, a reputed Yoga Guru.  I have been there a couple of times and learnt about healthy food. Fresh and nutritious food is really important  for body. If we eat healthy and timely, it gives great energy. I am willing to help people detox their bodies with various types of healthy drinks and food.


The third workshop I did was in Lodhi garden, Delhi . It was an after-office Yoga class in the evening. It was a wonderful experience to teach the working professionals. Our modern life is totally stuck with fixed hours jobs and hectic lifestyle. Yoga is something that provides peace of mind. Practice of yoga enhances the positive energy in our life thus increasing the performance of an individual. This can help in career growth.

Fourth workshop I took was in a kids school – kids and mothers yoga. I have experienced that yoga with children creates a special bond. Mothers are generally the givers in the family.

A child and mother have a pure connection with each other and spending a quality time doing yoga is a great  way to develop that at a spiritual level.

My fifth workshop was held in an open garden for local people of Delhi. It was an Acro yoga class. Under the open sky, yoga is more effective. Acro yoga and partner yoga . This is between the energies of  two souls. It is a good way to exchange energies and calm the mind. In partner yoga, both yogis perform equally and help each other in achieving Yoga goals for body and mind.

The Sixth workshop I took was on the Yoga International day in GK, Delhi.  

Seventh workshop of 90 minutes at Anytime fitness gym in CP, Delhi.

Work Experience

Gold’s Gym,  GK, Delhi.

Stamina Gym, GK, Delhi.

Ozone 3 Gym , Defence colony, Delhi.

Handled private clients time to time.

About Me

I had a great experience in India and currently I live in Milton Keynes UK, looking for an opportunity to service people in the UK and  Europe.

I shall be grateful for all your support and I am looking forward to working and serving. I will be glad to help others in releasing their negative energies through yoga and meditation.  It gives me the feeling of contentment.

My programs include yoga, diet plans for kids and adults, silent meditation and active meditation with music, Tratak: yogic gazing meditation for relaxation  and special diet food workshops.

My goal is to spread awareness of healthy lifestyle through  Detox drinks, healthy cooking, Yoga and meditation.

Thank you for visiting this website.

Love and Peace in the Universe.