Kids Yoga Milton Keynes

Children deal with many distractions, overstimulation and peer pressure. Yoga practice is a easiest way to reduce the tension from students mind. It is a positive way to keep mind fresh and body healthy. I have experience with kids in my yoga class.

I am a certified Kids yoga teacher from India. I love to teach yoga. Kids are the future of our Country. Being a social person we have many responsibilities towards our family, friends, society, nation and our planet earth to make it a better place to live and maintain the harmony around the world.

Education gives us a knowledge of the world around us. It develops a perspective of a life. Knowledge is an important tool key to attain harmony and Patience is a key to success in our lives.

It was so much fun and loving classes. I had taken in India. My 4 years old son love to do practice with me. Kids Yoga classes make them more discipline, loving, build concentration, mindfulness, more creative, energetic and balanced throughout the day. I have noticed Kids become more obedient if they regularly practice. I am delighted to welcome meditation, yoga and some healthy vegan and vegetarian meal plans for growing children.

Please check my work pics and meal plans for kids

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