Yoga & Meditation for Corporates in Milton Keynes

Yoga for Companies, MK

Kick-start your day with yoga. YOGA for corporates is designed to motivate employees to do
better in their domains. YOGA works on the physical, mental and intellectual levels. It raises the
person’s individual capability and provides a positive nudge. It helps understand the true
meaning purpose of life with sustained practice, asanas, breathing techniques and meditation.
YOGA gives mental peace thereby helping an individual to focus better. Make mind free from
tensions and anxiety. Yoga makes your work-environment better.

Who am I?

I am Richa Sandhu, a professional yoga teacher. I feel lucky to have been introduced to YOGA
and in a place where I can help others gain from the benefits and positivity this activity brings. I
currently train at the Bannatyne health club and Anytime fitness and would like to bring my
expertise in the corporate world by teaching yoga and meditation to employees at companies in
Milton Keynes.

What is Yoga?

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj-to join, to unite.
Yoga actually refers to the union of an individual’s consciousness and the universal
consciousness, the union of body with mind and of the soul with the universe.

Why Yoga for Corporates?

It brings self realization and the higher consciousness in an individual. People are busy in their
jobs from 9am to 5pm and sometimes longer. After office hours they have to manage their
other assignments, kids and home chores. Busy people don’t really get the time to workout and
understand their body limitations and conditions. This may affect their performance in both
personal and professional life. Healthy body and mind is important for a well balanced
professional and personal life. To consume a proper diet, exercise regularly and to meditate is
the key to a happy life. Yoga and Meditation can bring about body and mind harmony.

Effects of Yoga

Practice of yoga exercise unites the people of different religions, work backgrounds and
statuses. It encloses the world in one frame and makes a person a better human being, a giver
to the society, more active, lively and helpful towards others. Yoga and meditation help set up
your mind free from day to day worries. Yoga helps you overcome anxiety and stress while
keeping the mind fresh, peaceful and in the present.

Yoga in Depth

Pranayama Breathing exercises: Our whole body system is dependent on our breathing
(inhaling and exhaling of air). Pranayama has various benefits including calmness of the mind,
better kidney function and better overall health of the nervous system. Professionals need to
start their day with basic practice of pranayama.

Sun salutation: The twelve steps of sun salutation or surya namaskar make an intense effect on
the body. Busy working professionals may not notice that they are using wrong positions of
sitting, standing, bending or walking. This practice corrects the body postures and gives
stability in body structure and improves body language. It gradually invokes the mind and takes
to spiritual awakening.

Musical colourful yoga: It is a new way to relax your mind . It is the best way to harmonize your
breath and discover yourself through colour and music. Soft and soothing music regulates the
mind and blood circulation. It release the anxiety and helps connect you with other people too.

Yoga Detox: Good fluids are important for the body. In the winter it is not easy to remember how
many times you’ve consumed water or any healthy fluids. Yoga fluids detox is a good way to
release maximum toxins from the body. Pre and post fluids help to keep body organs in a
proper function. It is also good for the digestive system.

Yoga Bliss – My Brand

YOGA BLISS was founded in year, 2018. Yoga means dance of mind and bliss means reaching a state of true
happiness. It’s a startup with focus on high quality training delivery. The purpose of YOGA BLISS is to spread
happiness and peace through the knowledge of Yoga and meditation.
I have completed my teacher training from Mahi yoga centre, India. Yoga has improved me magically.

I teach different styles of Yoga. For better results on body I use physical aids like straps, bolsters, chairs,
dumbells and blocks. These physical aids help clients to focus on better body postures. Yoga provides the
energy to start up your day. Practice in a yogi’s life provides them stability and makes them grounded.
I believe in different ways of meditation. Meditation is a good way to release negative energy. Meditation helps
you to feel light like a leaf. Meditation is an exercise for your mind.

Present Work Engagements

PRANAYAMA About to start

Bannatyne Health Club
Milton Keynes
Currently Taking Yoga Classes (60 minute sessions once a week)

Anytime Fitness
Milton Keynes
Currently Taking Yoga Classes (60 minute sessions twice a week)

Ayurvedic Cooking Classes
Two Mile Ash, Milton Keynes
Currently Taking Vegetarian Holistic Cooking Classes (60 minute sessions)

Contact me for more information or for booking enquiries.

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