Places Where I Teach

At this point, I teach at the Bannatyne health club in Midsummer boulevard, Anytime Fitness at Shenley Church end and at Yoga Studio Leela in Downhead park.

Bannatyne Health Club Schedule

Saturdays from 10am to 11am – A one hour slot where I teach yoga. My classes are based on a sequence which includes an opening, pranayama followed by asanas to target different parts of the body, balancing postures and a closing sequence. To attend this class, you need to be a member of Bannatyne health club and you need to book.

Anytime Fitness

Mondays and Wednesdays from 7pm to 8pm – A one hour slot where I focus on intense asanas and asanas related to body relaxation, core strengthening, pranayama for the mind. I include partial meditation in this class and to attend this class, you need to be an Anytime Fitness member and book in advance.

Yoga Studio Leela

A special kind of pranayama workshop where I teach multiple breathing techniques. Pranayama helps improve mind function through breathing and has multiple other benefits for those who face anxiety, migraine, stress, asthma and other mind-related problems. This workshop is a great way to learn techniques that you can practise on your own everyday at home.